Sanitising has become a desperate need.

Product Description

Nicepanel compact automatic contactless hand sanitizer dispenser unit is adjustable based drops alcohol based sanitizer. It also can be used as soap dispenser. Contactless technology senses your hand with Ultrasonic Sensor, when you put hands below the dispenser. This Zero Touch less device is hygienic there is no contact with the device. It has 1 second wait time after every release. Capacity of the container is 1.8 Liters ( 1800 ML). Detachable storage tank that can be easily removed, cleaned, and refilled anytime. Wall mountable unit is Enabled with one display LEDs to indicate on/off status and dispensing in progress.

Due to Covid Sanitising has become a desperate need. Hand sanitization in public places with touch is considered unhygienic. To avoid it Tapetum India has manufactured made in india product Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. This ensures proper hygiene is maintained outdoors.

Special Features:
  • Warranty
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for any manufacturing defect provided by Nicepanel.

  • Sanitizer
  • Any liquid sanitizer can be used in this dispensing machine. Please note that sanitizer is not provided with the machine

  • Capacity
  • The tank in the machine has capacity of 1.8 litres sanitizer

  • Dispensing

    Every dispensing cycle is of 3 ml, the machine can work for 700 hand sanitization cycles before require filling
    Standard 220 V AC supply from wall socket. Voltage fluctuation and surge protection is built in

  • Commercial
  • Factories, Offices, Shops, Hospitals, malls, Railways, Bus Station, Government Office.

  • Residential Usage :

    Apartment Complex, House Entrance, Residational.

"Today there is a growing need for automation in distribution system as the rate of power outage and low voltage output becomes predominantly high."